A guide's perspective:
The kids in my group had major life issues to deal with: drug addiction, alcoholism, depression, extremely low self esteem, gender identity issues, homeless/runaway issues, and various forms of abuse.  Most of these students had been through rehab and loads of therapy and I wasn't sure how a trip like this would work out...but it was amazing - my favorite trip by far.  READ MORE >

Perspective from a women only trip:  
I finished the trip with a sense of accomplishment and knowledge of inner strength (previously untouched) as well as a bond with friends that goes way further than drinking at Starbucks together. I would go again, for sure.  READ MORE >

A high school camper’s perspective:
I was challenged physically, mentally and spiritually which made me realize I need to be completely reliant on God. The trip took me out my routine and showed me a new world that taught me about life.  READ MORE >

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